Lawyer learns as he goes

Before Jeremy Lawyer came to St. Clair, a friend from back home gave him a waypoint. So, the first day of practice he checked it out.

“It was 5 miles from the bank,” Lawyer says. “I thought surely this is not right.”

So, Lawyer went to the bank and caught some small fish. On day two, however, he went back out deep on the southern shore of the Canadian side.

“At 11 a.m. I hadn’t had a bite,” says Lawyer. “Then I caught a 4-pounder. Then another. It just evolved from there.”

Lawyer’s area turned out to be a popular spot, with numerous top-30 anglers fishing the stretch on the southern Canadian side. Despite admittedly not knowing what he was doing, Lawyer did the best thanks to slowly dragging a pair of two-pronged approaches.

The first was a drop-shot – a “power” version on a baitcasting rod rigged with a  Zoom Salty Super Fluke and a finesse version with a Zoom Fluke Stick. The other tactic was a tube – one was a slim finesse version and the other a beefier version.


Jeremy Lawyer can thank a local gas station for helping with his finish. That’s where he bought his tubes for the event, including a finesse version and a “beefier” version. He also had two types of drop-shots: a “power” version on a baitcasting rod rigged with a Zoom Salty Super Fluke and a finesse version with a Zoom Fluke Stick, which he fished on spinning tackle.