Photo: Andy Hagedon / FLW Outdoors

Courtesy FLW

Lawyer Stays Shallow

In an interesting coincidence, Jeremy Lawyer banked his second top 10 of the season at Lake of the Ozarks just like Dylan Hays, with his first top-10 finish coming at Lake Travis – again, just like Hays. Fresh off an impressive first season on Tour, Lawyer proved he hasn’t forgotten how to catch ‘em in the Ozarks, either.

Lawyer mixed dock flipping and the standard Plopper and buzzbait pattern, but never really tuned in to the topwater pattern to the degree that others did.

“I tried on corners and bluffs and points,” says Lawyer. “I was really jumping around. I couldn’t key on any one thing, though. I had to keep the trolling motor down and I couldn’t run around and key on certain stuff.”

On top Lawyer stuck with a River2Sea Whopper Plopper custom painted by Fall Creek Lures in black and white on days two and three, but caught some key fish the first day with a 7/16-ounce Freedom Tackle Swing Buzz with a grey ghost-colored Zoom Horny Toad. On docks, Lawyer used a JaKKed Baits DoKK RoKK trailed with a Zoom Z-Craw Jr. Lawyer fished mostly up the lake from takeoff, in the Hurricane Deck area and up into the Niangua River.

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